Mentoring Opportunities with Tasty Monster Productions


At Tasty Monster we have a great range of experience in all areas of theatre administration, technology, and practice, and our mentoring packages are bespoke tailored to any need and/or request you may have. From basic advice to full-scale projects, we can work with you to address all of your requirements.

We specialize in working with self-producing solo artists and small ensembles. Producing work, especially if it is your own original piece, can be a very expensive and daunting task. Pulling together all of the elements you may need, as well as a professional and experienced team a la carte, can prove time consuming and prohibitively expensive.

Whether you are a performer, writer, director, teacher, or all of the above, we will work with you on your specific project to assist in bringing it from the initial thought process into actual being. We can advise you on all of the elements of the production necessary to set you on the path to success. As we are not acting as traditional producers, publicists, or agents, we aim to provide to YOU with the skills, knowledge, and confidence, to meet your specific goals.

Some of the areas that we can cover are: Finding a venue, contacting additional staff and crew, technical riders and specifications, your marketing campaign, dealing with the media, adjusting scripts for different production roles and/or different countries, social media and your online presence, festival applications, and more. As we have international experience we can also advise you on taking your show to the UK, whether it be on tour or to a fringe festival, as well as contacting professional crew overseas.

Our basic fee structure per project is $1200 for projects up to three months in duration. This fee is for mentoring services only and does not include any additional costs associated with the production. For projects longer than three months, outside of the NY Metro Area, and/or outside of the United States, please contact us for more detailed information.

Your first one hour appointment is always FREE!


One-To-One Consulting

We are also available for one-to-one consultations if you have a specific concern which is not part of a larger project that we are undertaking. These consultations can be arranged for $75 per hour (NY Metro Area) and/or $250 per day (max 8 hours - NY Metro Area). Consultations outside of the New York City metropolitan area can be arranged at an additional charge, please contact us for details.

And remember, your first one hour appointment is always FREE!


Recent Projects

Most recently we have partnered with performer and playwright Lizabeth Sipes to bring her autobiographical play 'Bug Bite',  developed as part of Matt Hoverman's Go Solo workshop, from the page to the stage in both New York City and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. The production enjoyed performances at 59E59 Theaters in Manhattan, as well as at The Treehouse Theatre, Manhattan, The Secret Theatre, Long Island City, and then at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe in the Greenside Venue at Infirmary Street.

"It was an investment well worth the money and the contract exceeded far beyond my expectations. I give them 5 stars!" - Lizabeth Sipes

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