The War The World Forgot

Under the starry blanket of night two unlikely friends, a young soldier and a curmudgeonly farmer, find new camaraderie as the big show plays out in the theatre of war surrounding them. Bitter conflict, questionable politics, and moral debate engage us in a traumatic, but necessary, journey through the lives of the two men, their families, and the many twists and turns they encounter on the road to redemption.

"A thoughtful piece that, in a very unstable world, leaves you with plenty of haunting impressions."

Inspired by real events and real people, FALKLAND is the story of the ten and half week war the world forgot and the inhabitants of the islands at the bottom of the world whose lives were forever changed by the decisions of leaders a world away.

"Falkland admirably shows that the effects of war don’t always come loudly — quiet pain is still painful...Bravery comes in different forms — as does resistance."

Incorporating archival news, historical photography, and multimedia, FALKLAND highlights and honors the extraordinary actions of ordinary people.

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